I don’t know if you’ve been feeling it, but I’ve been feeling it. I know about this time every year we get excited that the winter has passed and the spring has come, but I’ve been feeling whispers of something more stirring in the atmosphere. This expectant hope and diligent looking for what the Lord is doing. I feel it stirring in my spirit, but up till now I haven’t been able to define what that extra excitement and stirring in me is. I keep looking to see what the Lord is doing!

I’ve been feeling a shift in the spirit coming in March for the body of Christ… The word “acceleration” seems to fit what I’ve been feeling. Then this morning I was listening to Zechariah and this verse seemed to stand out and put words to what I’m feeling, “Ask rain from the Lord in the season of the spring rain, from the Lord who makes the storm clouds, and he will give them showers of rain, to everyone the vegetation in the field.” (Zech. 10:1 ESV)

I believe this is both a naturally and a spiritually timed word.

The “season of the spring rain” in the natural, is upon us (or nearly upon us) since spring is just around the corner. But I also feel like it’s a season in the spiritual realm too. There is currently an outpouring of the Lord’s rain (anointing, favor, blessings, refreshing) on many believers right now, and it’s good. So good that many can become comfortable in the goodness and the fun of what is going on around us in our churches, businesses, families, ministries and our personal walks with the Lord. However, there is even MORE!

And when it is raining, we are encouraged to ask for more rain! And the Lord gives the rain and the fruit of that rain is the vegetation (produce, provision and harvest) in the field. I like how the New Living Translation translates that phrase: “…he will send showers of rain so every field becomes a lush pasture.”

I see the vegetation or lush pasture to be jobs, provision, food, favor, growth in ministry and business and a time of things going well – a general peace in your life. I also see that it’s a move of God in our hearts deepening our intimacy with Him and our understanding of the authority we have as sons and daughters of God.

I also believe that the additional rain He is promising here is for the beginnings of the harvest as well. In the natural a good spring rain brings abundant and early crops in my garden. How much more when the Lord pours out His Spirit in a time when the earth and it’s people are already thirsting for truth, righteousness, peace and something real? When the Lord brings the rain showers of His Presence and Holy Spirit – how ABUNDANTLY that field (every field) will grow!

Are there fields in your life that you are looking for them to become lush pastures? What is your field, where is your field, what seed are you looking to see grow at an accelerated rate? What have you labored over and what are you putting your hand to? What have you begun to ask God for that you have begun to see hints and whispers of him moving in? Instead of pulling back to see what He does, press in for the “more” in this season. Where you see Him moving ask for more rain on it!

There is a shift in the heavens and a divine timing on the earth right now to bring accelerated growth to all these things. What you are praying into and beginning to see happen now, you’ll see an abundance of in the coming months. And it’s not too late to plant if you haven’t yet. Some have been “laying out their garden” in their minds and hearts, waiting for the season of planting to begin, it’s okay to plant now before the rains are upon us!

So press in, the Lord will give you showers of rain and the vegetation in the field – both in the natural and physical. It’s a time of acceleration and abundance!

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