The normal Christian I have known, myself included, felt like we just weren’t significant in God’s kingdom, and perhaps not at all, if we didn’t have a calling from God to do something special.

We had a lot of reasons behind this, but in looking back on it, I realize that most of them had to do with fear. A lot had to do with confusion. And some genuinely had more to do with a desire to make sure we followed in obedience to God.

Whatever the reason, let’s talk today about this issue of callings.

Now, I know the Bible is filled with the stories of people whom God called to do great things, but let’s think about it, God never intended for these stories to leave us feeling like we need a special calling before we take action, sometimes even for something as simple as a short-term mission trip. Instead, I think it’s safe to say God means those stories to inspire us with faith that He can use anybody to do great things—even us.

“Awesome! God can do great things with even me!” we celebrate, only to question again, “But what great thing am I supposed to do?” And we find ourselves right back to feeling like we need a calling from God to be significant.

But wait. What if God already called all of us?

Well, He did, and we call it the Great Commission. We can read it for ourselves in Matthew 28:18-20. In short, Jesus said, “Go make disciples of all nations.”

We might say this is a collision between a calling and a blank check. The only question left is what’s in your heart to do?

Do you have a heart for medicine? Then do that. Do you have a heart for politics? Then do that. Do you have a heart for family? Then do that. Whatever you have a heart for—business, research, engineering, ministry, etc.—please, do that. And as you do it, stay connected to God so that you can make disciples.

Many people will want more specific instructions than this and God is so good to provide them. 1 John 3:18 says, “Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.” Our Father is telling us that we can know His love firsthand through our relationship with Him. Then, knowing His love, we will be compelled to action by our own heart.

I want you to hear this clearly. See, God never placed any law upon Himself. He has only ever been compelled by what was in His heart.

Then He made us for two expressed reasons: 1) to be in His image and likeness, and 2) to have dominion over the earth and all that’s in it (Genesis 1:26-28). This identity (1) and calling (2) were marred by sin, but restored through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

This means that through relationship with Jesus, we become crafted into the image of love because He is love. Then, being made in the very image of love, love compels us to take action.

But God never placed any boundaries or obligations on what those actions must be! Anything we find in the Bible that could be perceived as such is actually just clarification on what love looks like and how it behaves.

So about that calling we think we need, well, we have it. We are called to God—to become like Him. That identity focuses the actions we take as we simply pursue what we love to do.

If we will love genuinely as children of God sent by our own passions into every industry, it won’t be long before we make disciples of all nations.

Oh, and that significance we long for? We found it before we even began, right when we discovered we were made in the image of love.

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